Marvel Ltd. offers high-quality equipment for analysis of cereals and their derivatives: grain, flour, bran, feed, bakery products and pasta, bread and more. - Determination of specific gravity, hectolitre weight, moisture, gluten, fat, fiber, alpha-amylase activity and NIR analyzer for express analysis, laboratory mills, sieve shakers, sampling and temperature probes.

Marvel Ltd. is representative of leading manufacturers in the industry: Perten Instruments AB, Brabender OHG, TexVol Instruments AB, TekPro Limited and others.


1. Perten Instruments AG, Sweden

     - laboratory mills (LM 120, LM 3100, LM 3303, LM 3600);
     - systems for determining the falling number - amylase activity (FN 1305, FN 1310, FN 1500, FN 1700, FN 1800);
     - systems for determining of gluten (Glutomatic 2200, Glutomatic 2100);
     - system of individual assessment of grain (SKCS 4100);
     - spectrophotometers for quick identification of various indicators of grain, flour, dough and others (Inframatic 8100, Inframatic 8600, Inframatic 9100,  DA 7200).
Perten IM 9200  Perten LM3100    Perten FN1310  Pwrten Glutomatic2200   
            IM 9200                        LM 3100                   FN 1305              Glutomatic 2200        DA 7200

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2. TexVol Instruments AB, Sweden

     - precisely measuring the volume of bakery products (BVM-L серия);
     - fast and accurate measurement of the texture of bread and other food products (TVT 300).

TexVol BVM-L370LC                 TexVol BVM-L190                  TexVlol TVT-300XP
               BVM-L100                                         BVM-L370                                   TVT-300 XP

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3. Process Vision, USA

- fast and reliable counting of seeds;

- determining the size of the grains;

- analysis by shape and color;

- data output in less than 30 seconds.

Process Vision Opticount 1

Process Vision Opticount 2

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